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Timberlane Lodge is situated at the western end of Lac Seul, just a few miles from the town of ear Falls, Ontario, Canada. The lodge is on the northeast shore of Lac Seul as it narrows into the English River. Hwy 657 from Ear Falls takes you along the northeast corner of Lac Seul and the well placed signs will direct you to the lodge.


The historic English River flows past the Timberlane Lodge cabins and provides our guests with easy access to the main body of the lake… and many guests find excellent fishing right at our doorstep.


Walleye are plentiful throughout the entire lake and draw fishermen who seek trophy walleye up to 14 pounds in weight.  There is a slot size limit on all game species.

Northern Pike

Although most of our guests come to Timberlane Lodge for the excellent walleye fishing there are good sized pike caught every year.

Lac Seul is a 106,000 acre, crescent shaped lake in northwestern Ontario, Canada. It is approximately 241 km (150 miles) long. It has a maximum (regulated) depth of 47.2 m, with a surface elevation of 357 m above sea level. It is the second largest body of water entirely within the province of Ontario. The lake consists of open water bays, narrow channels, and islands. It is a relatively shallow lake with many rock shoals. This provides a good habitat for Walleye and Northern pike as well as Bass, Perch, and in some areas of the lake Muskie are caught. Lac Seul is noted for offering some of the best fishing in Ontario.

Lac Seul is located on the former lake bend of Glacial Lake Agassiz. Due to this previous lake, much of the bottom of Lac Seul is covered with thick deposits of silts and clay of varying thickness. The water of Lac Seul is tea colored. In clear water Walleye only feed at dusk and dawn because of their light-sensitive eyes, but because of the tea color of Lac Seul, it provides excellent Walleye and Northern Pike angling opportunities throughout the day.

Lac Seul appreciates some of the finest trophy Northern Pike and Walleye and also provides access to the vast, practically untouched wilderness surrounding it.

The natural capacity of Lac Seul is augmented by the diversion of water from the Albany River watershed, allowing hydroelectric stations at Ear Falls where the English River leaves the lake, and Manitou Falls, 30 km downstream, to generate 90600 kW of electricity.


Located on our wooded 4 acre lot we have 9 cabins completely furnished with 3pc bath and hot/cold running water. The kitchen provides all you need to make your stay comfortable with a BBQ at each cabin. Each cabin has single beds with sheets, blanket and pillow. The cabins occupy 4, 6 and 8 guests.

Sleeping a total of 6 people we have 2 log cabins with lofts. The newer more modern cabins sleep 8 people and our on the lake cabins sleep 4. All cabins have porches or decks to sit out at night with a beautiful view of infamous Lac Seul.

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