Lac Seul is a top destination for anglers looking for great northern pike and walleye fishing on its 106,000 acres. There are hundreds of miles of shoreline in our northwest section of Lac Seul and the fishing is concentrated on the large population and size of the walleye, but occasionally, just when you least expect it, you’ll have a bragging sized Northern Pike to deal with. The English River has a constant flow right in front of our dock and the river levels are nearly normal... which means plenty of walleye fishing can be done close to camp.

Walleye & Northern Pike


Walleye are most active during spring and fall, and best to fish for them at night, on overcast, or windy days since the walleye’s eyes are specialized to help the fish feed in low-light conditions. Average Ontario walleye range from 1.5 to 3 lbs, but it isn’t uncommon to catch one over 10 lbs.

Walleye can often be found in deeper water over rocks and in weeds, and often swim in schools. So once you find one it’s a good idea to throw out a marker so you can keep casting in that same spot. This will help ensure you catch enough to enjoy a nice shore lunch once back on land!

Catching Walleye in Ontario
Catching Northern Pike in Ontario

Northern Pike

Northern Pike are native to Ontario and average 2 to 9.5 lbs, with the provincial record of 42.1 lbs! While they do tend to bite all day, mornings and evenings are best fishing times to catch these guys.

Northern Pike tend to hang out in deep water in the summer to avoid the heat, and in spring and fall can often be found hiding in vegetation where they can ambush their pray. They are aggressive feeders with sharp teeth so be sure to use strong line and a medium-action rod and reel.

Man holding northern pike fish

Our Boats

Timberlane Lodge has 12 – 17.5' boats with 40hp Yamaha outboard motors. These motors will get you to the fish quietly and efficiently and the boats have great casting decks which are excellent for trophy walleye and pike fishing... or just plain sightseeing.

A well maintained public boat ramp is just down the road from Timberlane should you wish to bring your own boat. Our guests can park their vehicles and boat trailers securely on our camp property at no charge.

Need a fishing license?

The nearby town of Ear Falls has retail stores where you can purchase licenses, tackle and outdoor gear. Licenses are also available online.

Boats by dock

Bring your own boat

Economy fishing

Economy Package

Fishing in boat

House Keeping

Boat Dockage
10 Gallons
20 Gallons
Live Minnow Bait
$84 USD/person/night
$550 USD/person/week
$725 USD/person/week (2 people)
$675 USD/person/week (3 people)

Family Fishing Package

Family fishing

A perfect family get away, Timberlane Lodge offers affordable family packages. There is a beach to swim and play and a trampoline and play structure for everyone to use. All the cabins have satellite TV and free WiFi.


  • Cabin
  • 20 gallons of gas per week stay
  • 15 dozen live minnows for the week
  • Boat dockage
  • Electricity
  • Dock Service

$1595 USD per week

Price for family of four. $100 per additional child.
Available July and August only.

What we provide

  • Dishes, cutlery, glasses, mugs, etc
  • Dish and hand soap
  • Garbage bags, toilet paper
  • Kitchen towels and cloths, hand towels
  • Pillow, linens
  • Boat rags, Lake Map
  • Wifi
  • Separate fish house for cleaning
  • Extra freezer space

What we suggest

  • Fishing gear
  • Bath towels
  • Toiletries such as shampoo and soap
  • Sunscreen & hat
  • Food
  • Rain gear
  • Camera
  • Ziplocks/containers for catch
Food restrictions can change so please check this website before you come to Canada.
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Still Loving It After 8 Years!

“Our group from Iowa spent our 8th year this past June at Timberlane and have always enjoyed our stay. Fishing has always been pretty good, cabins that we have used are very nice with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. Boats furnished are good comfortable boats with new or late model 4 cycle motors. No complaints, you will enjoy your Northern Experience there!”

~Edward Moore

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