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Ear Falls, Ontario is the perfect destination for those who love the outdoors. The tranquility of the Boreal Forest and intertwined lakes will leave you relaxed and anticipating you next trip. The town of Ear Falls has all the amenities you need during your stay and plenty to do in the area when you’re not pursuing your quarry. Several vendors in Ear Falls will have fishing gear and bait. There are several different options for restaurants in Ear Falls if you need a break or just want something different. Ear Falls has a definite Canadian flavor to offer. If you just forgot a few grocery items, Wilson’s on the Plaza will probably have what you need being a full service grocery store. You can go to the visitor information center to see everything Sunset Country has to offer.



Experience what Lac Seul has to offer. Besides hunting the Ear Falls area and fishing the legendary Lac Seul, Sunset Country contains a beautiful landscape waiting for you to witness. The Ear Falls area offers beaches to swim, a local golf course, and many trails to enjoy, walking, mountain biking or ATVing. Ear Falls even has personal watercraft for rent, locally, to enjoy in the warm water season. So don’t worry if your arm gets tired of pulling in walleyes, there’s more to do in the Ear Falls area on Lac Seul.


Hunting Opportunities

Ontario is known for its excellent hunting opportunities. Locally, we have a lot of differing habitat and buffer areas from Boreal forest to marshlands. The Ear Falls Ontario area has great indexes of huntable game from moose to bear to grouse. Moose hunting starts with early Bow Season starts approximately the 3rd weekend in September. The Moose Rifle Season starts in mid-October. There are 2 Bear Seasons, Spring and Fall. The Spring Bear Season runs May 1st thru June 15th. The Fall Bear Season is from August 15th thru October 31st. Ear Falls has a lot of bears and different color phases. Ear Falls area of Ontario sports 3 different Grouse species, Sharp tail, Ruffed and Spruce. These are found along the bush roads and trails. Grouse season runs from September 15th thru March 31st. The hunting opportunities abound in Northwest Ontario – Ear Falls area, and Timberlane Lodge would like to be a part of it.

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