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Northern Pike fishing on Lac Seul Ontario is the perfect balance for those looking for a good fight and catching to eat. Pike are a very aggressive predator in Ontario. Lac Seul is loaded with big Pike. In Ontario, Northern Pike tend to average 2 to 9.5 lbs in size, and common in the 2 to 4 lb range, which are ideal for the table. The Ontario record Pike is 42.1 lbs. Northern Pike can be caught year round, can bite all day, but morning and evening are the best times, when the baitfish activity is peaking.

Where To Find Northern Pike

During the Spring, Northern Pike will be up in the bays to spawn and will feed ferociously on any prey, even other Pike. With the warmth of the sun and emergent weed growth, Northern Pike tend to follow the outside edge of the weed growth out for shade and depth as they desire cooler water. They will be feeding on baitfish, crayfish, and fry. The big Pike will be headed out to deeper water earlier than smaller fish to rock and wood structure, or open water hunting pelagic baitfish schools and cold water. While you’re fishing at Timberlane Lodge, we’ll provide you with a map with some spots and advice to help you fish for Northern Pike.


Angling Tips For Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike gear needs to be a bit beefier. A spinning or baitcasting rod and reel in a medium to medium heavy action about 7 ft. long will handle Pike presentations. Steel leaders are suggested if targeting Northern Pike, unless you like to get bit off.

Live bait (chubs, suckers, or shiners) early in the year may get you hooked up sooner in cold water. Big Bass jigs w/pork or big plastic work also.

As the water warms, the Northern Pike’s metabolism warms. Moving baits quickly come to the forefront. Spoons, in-line spinners, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits are soon contacting more aggressive Pike and getting bit. Top water plugs and buzzbaits are also an exciting way to see slime rockets in flight usually at the start of summer.

Fall of the year as the temperatures fall, the weed beds die back, the baitfish start getting herded to deeper water. Trolling crankbaits and spoons along weed edges and the first drop off can be effective. Use bigger crankbaits late in the year.

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